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Loft shelf

Oct 27, 2017

Loft shelf

  Loft-style steel platform is built in the existing workplace or shelves to build a middle attic, to increase the storage space, can do two or three loft, should access some light bulb and small pieces of goods, suitable for multi-species large quantities Or more varieties of small quantities of goods, manual access to goods, goods usually by forklifts, hydraulic lift or freight ladder to the second floor, third floor, and then by a light car or hydraulic pallet truck to a location. Such a system, usually using medium-shelf shelves or heavy shelf shelves as the main body and floor support (according to the unit load to determine the total weight of the shelf), floor panels are usually selected cold-rolled steel floor, Or steel grille floor.


  In recent years, the use of cold-rolled steel floor, it has a strong carrying capacity, good integrity, good load uniformity, high precision, smooth surface, easy to lock and other advantages, there are many types of optional, and easy to match the lighting system, Take, management are more convenient. Unit shelf load per floor is usually within 500kg, the floor spacing is usually 2.2m ~ 2.7m, the top shelf height is generally about 2m, taking full account of man-machine operation convenience. Such systems in the field of auto parts, automotive 4S shop, light industry, electronics and other industries have more applications.

     Loft-style shelves: all modular structure, can be used wood, pattern plate, steel, and other materials to do the floor, can be flexibly designed into two and more layers, for hardware tools. Electronic equipment, mechanical parts and other items of small packaging parts storage, storage of multi-species, low-volume cargo full use of space. Loft-style shelves: for the limited variety of venues, the number of small cases, it can increase in the existing site several times the utilization rate, can be used with the lift operation. Full modular structure, dedicated light steel floor, low cost, fast construction. Can be based on the actual site and needs, flexible design into a two-story, multi-layer, make full use of space. 1. The attic platform generally use the column as the support, the lower deck can be free to walk the pallet truck or forklift, the column spacing 3 ~ 6m, platform load 300 ~ 1000kg / m2.2. Column, main beam, vice beam material with optimized cross-section, The Platform assembly structure, free combination, installation, removal convenient and flexible. 3. Suitable for small batch, multi-species storage of goods. 4. Make full use of the warehouse space, the use of lift or forklift up and down delivery and manual selection mode of operation. 5. According to customer requirements for the overall planning, calculate the strength and rigidity of the platform, set around the safety barrier.