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Main Frame and Sub Frame Of Medium Storage Racks

May 20, 2017

The kinds of different shelf such as mobile shelving,AS/RS pallet shelf,Rak-A-Van-Mobile-Storage,Push Back Pallet Racking,the medium storage racks and so on,there main structure of main-frame,sub-frame.Do you know more about them,please check detail as below list.

Medium-sized shelves are made up of columns, beams, laminates, and a separate set of two pillars, this shelf is called the main frame. If the group is assembled into a column, then in addition to the first group needs two columns, the other can be in front of a group with a column, such a shelf is called sub-frame.

If you want to move the shelf, it is recommended to use the main frame. The main frame to connect the shelf must follow the main frame to move.

1.Main frame: two pillars one pillar: two columns plus a few horizontal bar and crossed bar.

The beams :there are two beams on the first floor.

2.Laminates are placed on top of two beams.

3.Sub frame:One Pillar one column plus a few horizontal bar and crossed bar.

4.The beams:There are two beams on the first floor.

5.Laminates are placed on top of two beams.

The distinction between the main frame and the sub frame.

Different types of medium type rack shelves with different holes. Today's market commonly used holes are:trapezoidal hole, butterfly hole, diamond-shaped hole, bean sprouts hole, eight holes and other holes. The specific use of what type does not specify the implementation of standards, most of the manufacturers according to their own production process to take the corresponding hole.

For the Medium-duty shelf used trapezoid shape and butterfly hole wildly.Trapezoidal hole stamping convenient, easy for customers to expand the second usage.And butterfly hole nice, easy to install.The South also have their own unique use of the hole, so that customers will have to rely on shelves transformation of its manufacturers.