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Methods of Improving Warehouse Space Utilization

Aug 04, 2017

First of all, we must clear the following area concept:

construction area. Usually refers to the Treasury building area. The calculation method is measured from the external walls of the Treasury. Long * wide area, the floor of the library together.

Actual area. That is measured from the inside of the warehouse wall.Long * wide area minus the obstacle buildings (columns, partitions, stairs) occupied area.

Available area. That is, from the actual area minus the trunk, branch, wall distance, column spacing occupied area.

usage area. The area occupied by the goods.

Warehouse resource utilization indicators: 

1. Real estate utilization = (warehouse construction area / real estate area) × 100%

2. Warehouse area utilization = (warehouse available area / warehouse construction area) × 100%

3. Warehouse area utilization = (warehouse use area / warehouse available area) × 100%

Warehouse Volume Utilization = (Inventory Actual Quantity or Volume / Warehouse Quantity or Volume) × 100%.

How to improve warehouse utilization? Somebody gave a quota method: 1. The available area quota for warehouses provides a reasonable proportion of the usable area for the stacking of goods to the actual area in order to limit the area occupied by the fixed walkway and the wall distance. Put the area of goods can be fully utilized. The formula is: available area of the warehouse utilization = available area / actual area * 100% 2. The usable area quota for warehouses provides a reasonable proportion of the area used to store the goods and the usable area. You can limit the free area of the available area to increase the actual usable area of the warehouse. The formula is: Warehouse available area usage = area of use / available area * 100%.

By improving the utilization of warehouse space, you can more scientific planning and use of warehouses, reduce the operating costs of the Treasury for enterprises to create an indirect economic benefits. In general, the current methods to improve the utilization of warehouse space mainly has the planning of positions, the use of three-dimensional space and the use of standard packaging.

1.In order to greatly improve the utilization of warehouse space, scientific and reasonable position planning is an important part of indispensable, but also an important means of maximizing the use of space. The planning of the position includes the layout of the area, the material level setting, the material packing method and the material marking plan, as shown in Figure 5-5.

2.Three-dimensional use of the three-dimensional warehouse to maximize the full use of the warehouse's vertical space, so that the unit area of storage capacity is much larger than the ordinary single-storey warehouse, generally single-storey warehouse 4 to 7 times. At present, the world's highest three-dimensional warehouse can be as high as 50 meters, the capacity of more than tens of thousands or even more than 10 million cargo. With the three-dimensional warehouse supporting the general automated handling equipment, as shown in Figure 5-6, is a representative of the three-dimensional warehouse.

3.The use of standard packaging Each storage bin has a fixed size, it is best to use the standard packaging containers. Standard packaging, for the goods marked, maintenance, inspection, transportation will be very convenient. In each container are marked on the storage of materials, and bar code technology combined, the storage of materials and inventory management can achieve the system automation, to the work has brought great convenience.