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Mezzanine Racking for Warehouse

Apr 28, 2017
Often when looking for more working space, the only answer is to go up. Put the air space you already own (or lease) to work for you. Create more floor space with a free standing structural steel Mezzanine.
Mezzanines can be configured to fit any space: Over machinery, offices, around building columns. It is a very popular to move supervisor offices, tool cribs, spare parts rooms, inspection rooms, record archive storage (just to name a few) off the production floor and onto a mezzanine. How about portions of your operation such as assembly, kitting, return goods processing? Think about what operations or items you can move onto another floor from your valuable production space.
Mezzanines are free standing, not connected to the building except at the floor. Because they are not permanent parts of the building, they can be covered by different (re: Easier) sections of the building code. Mezzanines are considered capital equipment and may qualify for an accelerated tax write off.
Design considerations start with the available overhead space. What is clear dimension floor to obstructions: Lights, sprinklers, heaters and building structural steel? Generally speaking, you will need 18' clear height to efficiently use a mezzanine. Next we will look at how the mezzanine will be used. What are you putting on it? Will it be accessed often or rarely? Will people be working on it daily? Do you want to use rolling equipment on it? These answers will help choose the right "deck" (flooring) and the capacity required.
The second important design consideration is the required clear height underneath the mezzanine floor. What will be happening under the mezzanine at the floor level? Will you want to operate fork trucks underneath? What obstructions do you need to get over?
Two important design issues that must be considered prior to finalizing a mezzanine implementation plan are Lighting and Fire Suppression. Lights will be needed to safely, efficiently work under any mezzanine. Additional fire suppression (sprinklers) may be needed based on the report by a fire science professional.
Free standing structural Mezzanines can most often be re-configured as your business changes. They can be reshaped, expanded, taken down, moved and re-erected in a new area or building. They have used value and can often be sold if business needs change.
Mezzanines are customized to suit and enhance your unique space, business and building requirements. Your material handling professional can assist you in making your space work better for you.