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Moblie Ladder Design Of Mezzanine Floor

Jun 01, 2017

Moblie Ladder Design Of Mezzanine Floor

Do you know more about mezzanine staircase design considerations:

As we all know that it’s difficult for us to design a suitable mezzanine mobile ladders.But if we know how to design it it’s easy for us to check it.If we design it suitable for your storage warehouse or can help you pass goods quickly.

Here some detail for you checking one by one :

1.First, in order to avoid the upper and lower stairs when we caused illusion, the stairs of the first step and the last level of the height should be consistent with other levels. If you want to change, the mezzanine ladder should be controlled within 4 cm, preferably not more than 2 cm to 3 cm.

2.Staircase of the highest level stepping to the height of the ceiling, the attic staircase design requires more than two meters of the clearance, the minimum not less than 1.8 meters, otherwise it will produce a sense of oppression for us.

3.Balustrade spacing: the distance between the two railings  with 8 cm is appropriate, not more than 12.5 cm, so that children can not put their head out from the gap.

4.Handrail height: for the waist position should from 85 to 90 cm, the handrail diameter to 5 cm as well.

5.Step height and depth: order height should be 15 to 18 cm, the depth of the surface is 22 to 27 cm. The order is about 15 steps, if too high, the attic staircase design may need to set the stairs to rest platform.

6.Staircase width: side of the temporary space, the net width  should  not less than 75 cm; both sides of the wall, the net width of not less than 90 cm.

7.Safety for the mezzanine ladder: Stairs should be smooth, round, no protruding, sharp parts.

Attic staircase design stairs slope to be slow, the rotation angle can not be too big.

Staircase pedal to do anti-slip measures, such as non-slip, anti-skid pads, anti-slip groove and so on to keep it safety.

Hope above design advice can help you to manufacture suitable style mobile steel ladders.

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