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Multi Tier Racking The Production of Storage warehouse technology and design instructions

Oct 23, 2017

The Production of Storage warehouse technology and design instructions

1. Shelf Sheet metal processing using modern mold assembly line (all kinds of special mold racks 220 sets), production capacity, high efficiency; in the workpiece assembly, the use of advanced digital spot welding and carbon dioxide welding welding to ensure that the workpiece welding strength And reliability.

2. Welding with carbon dioxide gas shielded welding wire, the material in line with national standards (GBT8110-1995, GB / TS110-1995) its grades meet GB.ER50-6, AWSER70S-6

3. Raw materials using high-quality cold-rolled sheet, material material for the Q235, made of special mold stamping.

4. Steel products are phosphating before spraying. I phosphating treatment company advanced technology, excellent results. Phosphating process, chemical degreasing (sodium hydroxide, etc.) hot water rinse cold water rinse rust (hydrochloric acid) cold water rinse phosphating (ferric phosphate manganese salt, etc.) cold water rinse hot water rinse dry and dry and so on nine pre-treatment System to ensure that the surface quality of steel plate to improve the adhesion of spray layer.

Steel products are used to select the spray layer for surface protection. Parts of the surface treatment with the use of high-quality polyester epoxy powder material, its corrosion resistance, heat resistance is higher than the national standard (GB1771-91, GB1740-79) the relevant indicators, the surface after treatment smooth , Smooth, strong coating adhesion, beautiful appearance. To ensure the quality of the coating, our company designated professional fixed manufacturers for my company to produce epoxy polyester powder coating. In order to ensure that the components inside and outside the surface are sprayed in place, in strict accordance with the technical procedures to operate, spray to ensure that the layer of adhesion, coating smooth, eye view, feel good, water, acid, alkali, gasoline, salt and other excellent. Coating color and gloss can be selected as needed.