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New design steel cantilever storage racks

Jun 15, 2017

New design steel cantilever storage racks

What kind of steel cantilever shelf do you need?What kind of cantilever racks suitable for your warehouse.

We design a new cantilever racks.How long about the arm,it can be design 1.5-3meters,and the distance between arm to arm is about 1 to 1.5 meters.

The height of the cantilevered shelves is usually within 2.0 meters (for example, up to 5 meters from the forklift), the cantilever length is less than 2.0 meters, and the load per arm is usually within 800KG.But the loading of our new arm design can up to 1to 1.5 ton per arm.

It's very important for us to know the capacity of good should be design.Because different loading should be use different material.

Lianhezhongbang can help you design suitable shelf to match your storage warehouse.Before design a storage shelf.

We need to know the specification of your warehouse and where need place the goods.And the tube,long,irregular goods can be suitable for cantilever shelf.

What's more,Do you know how to divide the area.In accordance with the direction of the logistics and easy to take the principle to determine the material placed area. Where the stagnant material, where the area to be tested and ao on. Division of the region, to leave some spare space for place of special purchasing materials. Such as,materials to increase prices in advance procurement; beyond the inventory of procurement and so on.And then we know where to use the cantilelver shelf for loading products.