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Optimization of Logistics Equipementmanagement principles

Oct 24, 2017

Optimization of Logistics Equipementmanagement principles

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1, storage logo clear

First store the warehouse Logistics Equipementstorage area in detail, and to be numbered, so that each kind of pre-storage of goods have a location can be stored. This location must be very clear, and the location of the code, can not be ambiguous location of the border, such as walkways, upstairs, corners, or a commodity next. It should be pointed out that the aisle of the warehouse can not be used as a reserve, although a short period of time will be some convenience, but will affect the goods out, contrary to the basic principles of Logistics Equipementoptimization management.

2, commodity positioning is valid

Depending on the way in which the goods are kept, the appropriate Logistics Equipementstorage units, storage strategies, distribution rules, and other factors to be considered for the storage of goods should be determined for each item, and the goods should be effectively disposed on the previously planned storage Fast goods should be placed near the exit, soap and food should not be put together and so on.

3, changes in a timely manner

When the goods are effectively configured in the planning of a good warehouse shelves on the storage, the next job is the maintenance of warehouse shelves, that is, whether the goods out of picking, or goods are eliminated, or by other The impact of the operation, so that the location or quantity of goods has changed, it must be timely to change the situation to be recorded in order to record and physical quantity can be fully consistent, so in order to manage. As the change is very cumbersome, the warehouse manager in the busy work will produce inertia, making this principle is the most difficult part of the warehouse Logistics Equipementoptimization management, is the key to the success of the warehouse management operations.

The role of Logistics Equipementoptimization management

On the other hand, according to the data show that 76% of the goods are sold by the "impulsive" shopping, as the market rents continue to increase, the operating costs of supermarkets continue to rise, Logistics Equipementspace becomes more expensive and shortages; And 80% of the goods are sold through the shelves. Therefore, the shelves are particularly important for supermarkets, and we must make reasonable arrangements for the shelves. But the traditional way of placing the shelves in general either at the outdated estimates, either randomly placed, or by the relationship with the supplier to show the relationship, or simply by the goods of large, medium and small categories, color or appearance display. As a result, the distribution of the shelves is improper and the loss of stock, the inventory increases, the funds are occupied, and the Logistics Equipementspace is wasted; and the desire and efficiency of the consumers are reduced due to the messy product.

The basic principle of Logistics Equipementoptimization management is the distribution of the proportion of the Logistics Equipementarea of the goods in line with the market share. Therefore, the implementation of Logistics Equipementoptimization management can reduce the probability of out of stock, reduce the number of replenishment, thereby reducing labor costs, creating the greatest return on investment and Logistics Equipementefficiency. And the best shelves left to the best of the goods, but also give us other benefits: ① easy to analyze managers, easy to display in line with market demand trends of goods; ② make consumers easy and efficient shopping; Improve order, replenishment, inventory system.

Optimization of Logistics Equipementoptimization management

Optimize the goal of Logistics Equipementmanagement is to make high-performance products easy to see, easy to find, easy to choose, the basic principle is the proportion of the product Logistics Equipementarea distribution and market share as far as possible. Specifically, the following aspects:

1, product style selection. That is, what products and related brands should be placed on the shelves. Generally according to the role of category to determine: occupy the highest cubic space, the highest traffic, conspicuous and easy to see the place should be the target category of products and related brands; general category should be located in the high cubic space, high traffic places; seasonal accident category It should be in the general cube space, the general traffic of the place; low cubic space, the rest of the store to place a convenient category. In this way, the important category placed in a prominent position, can attract the attention of consumers, increase their choice of product interest, to stimulate their desire to buy.

2, the product placed way. In general, the placement method should consider: the visual effects of the shelves, generally in the vicinity of the line of sight and reach within the reach of its sales effect is better; product display height for the sale of a decisive impact, generally ideal Height is from the ground from 80 cm to 130 cm; the price tag placed on the product should be easy to refer to to help consumers get price information and contribute to the product of the supplement and display; appropriate use of some Logistics Equipementcard, you can raise the promotion effect.

3, the product placed space. Refers to each product and related brands should occupy the number of Logistics Equipementspace. The method of measuring the Logistics Equipementspace is three kinds of plane space, three-dimensional space and area space. The spatial distribution of the product should be based on the performance of the product, so that the space occupied by its sales is proportional to the sale of bad products should reduce its space to allow better products in the performance. For example, Rejoice, Pantene, Head & Shoulders three kinds of shampoo each piece of a Logistics Equipementplate, that is, the space occupied by 33.33%. But because of the outstanding performance of Cantabox, sales far more than Pantene and Head & Shoulders, the Logistics Equipementspace should be increased. So the new Logistics Equipementspace allocation can be Rejoice 66.66%, Pantene and Head & Shoulders of the Logistics Equipementspace cut by half.