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Parts for warehouse shelf storage racks

May 03, 2017

Parts for warehouse shelf storage racks.


2different types

2 methods:Welding,Screwing

2size:1.5mm,the first larger is 800mm off the ground,bearing 3.5tons

2.0mm,the first layer is 800mm off the ground,bearing 4.8 tons

1.2 depth:Increas ing as per 100mm,for 400mm to 1500mm,combinated with 2 10 degree upright pests across bars and tilted bars then installed with screws(Increasing as per 50mm,it will be combinated from 1600mm to 3000mm).

Various depth.Advantage:less cost of transportation,easier to change parts.Crossbeam type goods shelf.Crossbeam shelf stores goods with pallets.It is suitable for all kinds of warehouses shelf and has been used wildly.Also,it doesn’t need high and goods moving equipment and so is the cheapest shelf.

Crossbeam shelf is the most applied storage system.Every pallet can be 100%placed or moved separately.It is easy to adjust the height and layers of the shelf.It is very suitable for the customers who often change the size of pallets and shelves.