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Production process for storage shelf

Jul 05, 2017

Production process for storage shelf

Production of wholesale shelves need to use some professional machines, it is not easy f to be produced. Do you know what kind of machine you need.

Heavy-duty beam welding machine is used widely in the heavy-duty shelf beams and two ends of the connection plate of the automatic welding.The single-ended with a torch, 2 torch and 3 torches to complete three or four welds, the machine controlled by the PLC.The operator need not know welding technology but he can also weld the perfect weld. High welding efficiency, good welding quality.

And there also have other machines can used such as straight seam automatic welding machine for stainless steel plate, Stainless steel panel automatic welding machine, Automatic welding machine and so on.

Once all the parts well collected,there still need some process to finished as below show one by one

Storage Shelf production process:

1 Cold-rolled plate pretreatment process (no rust state)

Degreasing → washing tune washing Phosphate high pressure water washing.


2.Pretreatment of Hot Rolled and Hot Rolled Profiles


Oil-free state: pickling → washing tune washing Phosphate high pressure water rinse


Oil state: pickling → washing degreasing washing neutral high-pressure water washing


3.The surface coating through the use of ISO9000 quality certification of enterprises producing high-quality epoxy polyester powder.


4.spray surface smooth, smooth, consistent color.

Shelf is widely used in enterprise warehouses and warehouse factories, etc., If you need purchase storage shelf for your warehouse,please feel free to contact us.