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Rack safety factor

Oct 30, 2017

Rack safety factor

Kean warehouse shelves use the benefits of electrostatic spray


In the production process of the shelves, the surface of the warehouse shelf spray is a solid powder coating to replace the liquid solvent-based paint, by high voltage powder coating with a negative, by means of electrostatic attraction adsorption in the ground to be coated A surface, and a method of obtaining a coating film after heating (or curing). Electrostatic spray is a new process, the powder coating used does not contain solvents and dispersion media and other liquid components, the use of no need to dilute and adjust the viscosity itself can not flow, melt to flow, can not be like a liquid coating on the surface of the workpiece The


Warehouse shelf powder coating electrostatic spray called spray. The principle is the use of corona discharge phenomenon of powder coating adsorption on the workpiece. Warehouse shelf spray process is the powder coating by the powder system by compressed air into the spray gun, spray gun in front of the high voltage generated by the high voltage generator, due to corona discharge, in its vicinity produce dense charge, the powder by the gun Mouth sprayed, the formation of charged paint particles, it is the role of electrostatic force, was sucked to the opposite polarity of the workpiece up, with the powder spray on the increase in the accumulation of more charge, when a certain thickness, Electrostatic repulsion, it will not continue to adsorb, so that the entire workpiece to obtain a certain thickness of the powder coating. Finally, after the high temperature so that the powder melting, leveling, curing, that is, in the workpiece surface to form a hard coating.


There are many advantages to the storage of electrostatic spray spray, summed up, mainly in the following: 1, no thinning, the construction of the environment pollution, no toxic to the human body; 2, the appearance of excellent coating, adhesion and mechanical strength; 3, the construction is simple, the technical requirements of workers is low; 7, the cost is lower than the same effect of the painting process; 4, the coating is difficult to wear and tear; 8, some applications have been clearly proposed to use electrostatic spray process; 9, electrostatic powder coating process does not appear in the paint process common flow phenomenon; 10, spraying effect in mechanical strength, adhesion, corrosion resistance, resistance Aging, etc., is better than the painting process; 11, the development of fast, in addition to hammer, orange pattern, scrub, high light, matt, crack, flash gold, flash silver and other effects, High temperature powder, low temperature powder, high weathering powder, water resistant powder, acid powder, low temperature curing powder, UV curing powder, etc., so that electrostatic powder coating has a broader prospect.


Therefore, the electrostatic spray technology used in Longspan Shelf has the characteristics of high coating efficiency, excellent coating performance, no solvent evaporation, little environmental pollution, energy consumption, short production cycle and easy realization of coating automation.


According to the report, with the meat, frozen food, cold drinks, dairy products and aquatic products, vegetables, fruit products, the total output and increased transport volume, the next few years, the annual market demand for warehouse shelves will continue to increase.