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Safe usage of storage shelf

Jun 27, 2017

Safe usage of storage shelf

1.Anti-overload: the weight of each store shall not exceed the maximum load of the shelf design.  

2.Anti-ultra-high width: shelf height, layer width has been limited, card board and the size of the goods should be slightly smaller than the net space 100mm.                                    

3.Anti-collision:forklift in the course of running, should try to lightly put.                    

4.Defensive foot heavy: should do high-level light cargo, the bottom of the principle of heavy cargo.                                                                                        

5.To prevent the use of non-standard platform board (card board) in the use of shelves,  at the end of the most suitable.                                                                        

6.When the goods are placed on top of the shelf, the operator should not enter the bottom of the shelf as far as possible.                                                                        

7.If you find the shelves of the beams and columns have deformation damage,should promptly notify the repair replacement.

Daily cleaning is the key to prevent dust and damp the storage shelf.Weather caused by falling paint rust. This area has been arranged to assist the implementation of colleagues, and make the relevant records. Regular inspection is to ensure that the daily operation of the process will easily lead to the base of the screws and safety bolt loose and fall, so do a regular check to prevent the collapse of the shelves caused by security incidents.