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second-hand shelf logistics stone shelf

Jan 09, 2019

Zhaoqing second-hand shelf logistics stone shelf factory Zhaoqing first-hand attic shelf, Zhongshan warehousing logistics shelf manufacturers custom {Lianhe Zhongbang} Zhongshan warehousing logistics shelf factory, we specialize in solving customer warehouse goods no place, management inconvenient and other problems, truly create warehouse standardization , automated management.

1, can use the multi-layer shelf height, make full use of the warehouse height, make better use of storage space

2, the attic shelf has strong carrying capacity, uniform bearing, shelf manufacturers, and firm structure;

3. The floor slab is laid on the floor. Compared with the pattern steel plate or steel grating, it has the characteristics of strong layer loading capacity, good integrity, uniform layer loading, smooth surface and easy locking.

4, the attic shelf fully considers humanized logistics, beautiful design and generous structure. Easy to install and disassemble, can be flexibly designed according to the field;

5, suitable for storing goods, many varieties, multiple batches, need to be sorted and removed; suitable for manual access;

6, can be equipped with lighting, fire protection system; Zhaoqing second-hand shelves Logistics Stone Shelf Factory Zhaoqing first hand attic shelves