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Semi-finished storage shelves with powder coating treatment

May 25, 2017

The semi-finished storage racks can named pallet racks,Semi-finished goods warehouse used shelf shelves and platform shelves, here for everyone to introduce is one of: pallet shelves.

For example,the warehouse located in the base floor,the second and third floor are for production.Even thought the height of warehouse is short,but the warehouse pallet racks can up to the whole warehouse,there can be divided into 4 layer and add the usage of warehouse.

In order to reduce the intensity of the work of the staff, the middle channel we have to  leave the forklift position, easy access to goods directly forklift.

The semi-finished warehouse storage suitable for difference material. Each material can be placed on the tray, and then placed on the tray-style shelves, the beams can be adjusted, the face of different height of the goods, storage shelves can also change with the height of the goods, thus saving the warehouse space.

Semi-finished goods warehouse shelves, in the shelves attached the name of the material above. Everyone can read what type of material placed in each cell, and then access the material scanning material packaging on the bar code.We can clearly know that each the entry and exit of the material.

This will no longer because the old staff of the warehouse something leave, which led to the operation of the problem, thus delaying the production process of the production line.