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Shelf expertise for storage warehouse solution

Feb 26, 2018

For shelves, perhaps everyone is very familiar with, in various enterprises or supermarkets, you can see the shadow of the shelves, including access to some large and small warehouses, can see! But if you look at shelves from a professional point of view, do you know everything about it. Today, Dongguan shelves and everyone to discuss, some of the shelf of professional knowledge.


Concept of shelves

For shelves, we generally understand that the shelves can be stored goods, is the shelf! In the logistics or warehouse shelves have an irreplaceable position, in order to achieve the modernization of storage, to achieve scientific and technological storage, not only requires shelf quality and accuracy, but also require shelf mechanization, automation and other requirements.

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Shelf function

The function of the shelf is better understood, not to store the goods Well, of course, is indeed the case, shelves in this era, has developed to automation, modernization, of course, this type of shelf has a direct relationship, so today Jiujiu Dongguan Several features of the shelf are as follows:


Use space to expand the space for storing goods

  1. In the case of large quantities of goods, modern storage

  2. Can guarantee the integrity of the goods, that is, not be damaged.

  3. Warehouse storage of goods convenient, easy to count and count.

  4. Can guarantee the quality of goods, such as dust, anti-theft and so on.

  5 mechanized management.