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Mar 16, 2017

Many companies rush to try the water shelves manufacturing, which underestimated the technical content of the shelf itself, that shelf made the threshold is very low, investment is very low. They do not attach importance to scientific research did not attach importance to theoretical and scientific experiment, not the targeted design, only to copy blindly, results lead to material waste, produce shelves are often do not meet the requirements, there are significant defects, performance does not meet the basic requirements, a series of problems such as poor quality. There are some significant security incidents, erupted a few years ago many shelf collapse accident, also illustrates this point.
Mass customization mass customization is favored to return to the future, and includes two meanings here: weapons and customization. Mass is the amount of production to be great, customization is about individuality. The two seemingly contradictory, but shelves is the future market trend. Industry known as the world's leading integrated logistics system shangshengfei you not only depends on the shelf production started, and one of its main business is still racking manufacturing.
So, in a highly competitive environment, no scale benefits is difficult to survive and develop. Predictable is currently hard to survive in small and micro shelf production enterprises, without exception and as in other areas, most to face elimination or integration risks.