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Shelf layout principles

Mar 16, 2017

1, low cost and high efficiency. According to the storage of goods, quantities, load requires that you select the corresponding material for shelves, in conjunction with dimensions of the crate shelf design; according to the needs of storage management choose the classic or new shelves, consider the costs and benefits of warehouse shelves, arrange the shelf position, as far as possible uniform size containers to improve warehouse efficiency.
2, practical principles. Shelf arrangement should be able to meet the requirements of different size, making full use of containers advantages of flexibility, ensure convenient warehouse and access suitable for supporting mechanical jobs.
3, the principles of safety and reliability. Strength and stiffness of the shelves to meet load requirements, and there is a certain safety margin, crates stacked layers according to the weight of the goods as well as considering the load-carrying capacity of the box. Strengthen training for warehouse management, shelf for storing dangerous goods must strictly abide by relevant regulations.
4, as far as possible, logistics modernization requirements. Using advanced technology to promote mechanization and modernization of storage management, development of appropriate technical standards and management standards, strengthen the management of containers, Paste digital label on the box, easy to pick up and sort out.