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Standard medium-sized combination of shelves

May 20, 2017

Standard medium-sized combination of shelves

The shelf column is made of cold-rolled steel plate , column positive with row of holes. The hole distance is 50mm distance along the straight line, column hole used to articulate the beam; two columns relative, in the middle, there are horizontal connecting pipes and inclined connecting pipes to assemble the two columns into the column of the shelf.

1. The beam of tyre medium duty Racking is used for shape P pipe steel,it's also known as step beam,the height of step beam should be match the plate.

The medium steel Shelf's steel plate with cold rolled steel plate made of required size of four sides bending forming.

The beam is mounted on the frame,and the steel plate is finally laid, then they can form a complete set of medium-sized shelves.

All parts of the shelf after the processing of all the grinding, pickling, phosphating, automatic powder electrostatic spraying, drying and other processes after assembly of finished products. To produce the shelf surface smooth, beautiful; shelf layer can be adjusted up and down by 50mm pitch, easy disassembly.