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Standard shelf accessories of storage shelf

Nov 22, 2017

Standard shelf accessories of storage shelf

Column connection bolt M10 * 65 (95) with nylon self-locking nut

Column foot expansion bolt M10 * 75 (100)

Fluffy U-shaped groove made of bright galvanized steel, the edge of the fillet processing, Shenzhen factory roller made of stainless steel, bearing capacity of 6KG / shaft. Smooth running, quiet fluent bar with:

High strength and toughness;

Low operating costs, high added value; product quality Dongguan Shelf through 7.5 million meters per year yield verification.

Pillars: two columns by the cross struts, braces connected by nylon self-locking bolts, can effectively prevent the loose bolts lead to shelf instability, the column punched double oblique hole, hole pitch 50mm, so Beam mounted on the column can be adjusted up and down the height of each floor in units of 50mm.

Support beam: Specially designed "L" section steel with plastic toothed rack to fasten fluent strip and middle partition board, quick return home to make fluent strip and middle partition board freely adjust along the length of beam, when column card and column are connected With special design safety pin; can ensure that the beam will fall off when the external impact.

Warehouse Shelves Process: Black Embryo - Remove Surface Soils - Chemical Rust Removal - Phosphating - Spraying - Leveling - Finished

Warehouse shelves surface treatment using epoxy powder electrostatic spraying process, the warehouse shelf coating thickness of 60-80 microns;

Electrostatic powder adhesion reaches GB92865-88 standard 0 requirements.

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