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Storage heavy duty pallet racking system

Sep 19, 2018

Storage heavy duty pallet racking system projects

Project Description:

Platform Height: 2850mm,

Total platform are : 691;

Board: 200*2.5mm steel panel + reinforcing rib;

Load Capacity: 1000kg/;

1 staircase, 1 access port, 1 lifting platform

(Loading Capacity:1000kg/Lift, fence with door, no digging)

 photobank (1).jpg

Wire mesh Specification:

Wire mesh Height: 2500mm, Total area is 130 square meters;

Use 100*50*5.0mm grid; use 50*25*1.3 square tube as the border,

Each compartment 2020W sets a 50*50*1.5 square tube;



Product advantages:

Strong carrying capacity,

uniform load, firm structure

save manpower, rent land and other costs 

Industry: [Auto Parts of car]

Project: Steel Structure Platform

Installation location: Foshan, Guangdong