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Storage Rack for Granite/Marble Slabs from R & D department

Feb 01, 2018

Storage Rack for Granite/Marble Slabs from R & D department

Storage shelves in the previous years the market from R&D departments demand is still steady growth, but this year's shelves compared with previous years, the market has been slightly depressed. Seng more porridge, in order to seize market share, many shelves manufacturers chose a low-cost competition route. This can really solve the current predicament it.

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Low-cost shelf manufacturers choose to compete in the short term indeed promote sales, led the company's commodity and capital movements, so that enterprises can quickly and effectively achieve the marketing goals, but in the long term it is tantamount to drink quench thirst.

Most of the shelf manufacturers in the low-cost dumping of small and medium enterprises, often by reducing the performance of storage shelves, quality and even product safety to reduce costs directly infringe the interests of consumers.

Warehouse manufacturers in the strength of large enterprises in the low-cost dumping process, more attention is the price advantage of storage shelves, but because of the low profit or even loss of sales, resulting in decreased profitability, businesses will reduce the storage shelves Development and technological progress of capital investment, the development of the product lacks staying power. In order to avoid being eliminated by the market, other Shandong shelf factories also had to correspondingly cut prices passively in order to survive and form a vicious circle of price cuts, thus hindering the development of the industry and technological progress.

The growth of shelves manufacturers can not do without competition, and competition among enterprises is becoming more intense. As the economy develops and competition. intensifies, the relationship between them is also becoming more subtle and complex. Enterprises do not want to compete for competition, which will lead to vicious. competition, and effective competition should be based on social progress, industrial stability, long-term development of enterprises based on. Shelves manufacturers should actively study the law of competition in storage shelves, get rid of the passive situation cope with poverty, clever use of competition, to prevent vicious competition.