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Storage racking shelf floor racking system installation

Jan 04, 2019

Zhaoqing second-hand shelf steel structure attic office detachable compartment to build double-storey loft attic platform type heavy-duty steel structure warehouse warehouse double-layer detachable combination office compartment Guangzhou shelf Foshan warehouse logistics shelf factory, Foshan warehouse logistics shelf manufacturers custom, Foshan Warehousing logistics rack factory direct sales, {Lianhe Zhongbang shelf factory} custom, shelves can be reused, reducing the cost of storage.

Design, manufacture and installation of various types of adjustable assembly storage shelves, roadway shelves, through shelves, mobile shelves, gravity shelves and material storage.

The warehouse logistics shelves have the following:

1, 2 times more storage rate;

2. More than 90% of the plane utilization rate;

3. More than 90% of the space utilization rate;

4. Save half of the labor cost;

5. Improve work efficiency by 1/3;

6, removable, reconfigurable;

7, the diversity of use (workshop, office, warehouse sharing);

8, a variety of;

9, cost savings; Zhaoqing second-hand shelves steel structure attic office detachable compartment to build double-shelf