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Storage racking system shelf made in China

Jan 02, 2019

Sanshui Loft Shelf Factory Non-standard small attic Foshan shelf large compartment custom, the shelf is used to put goods, put the product in the attic shelf, storage equipment. Warehouse shelves are used for long-term storage of items, such as double depth shelves, custom attic shelves, storage


First: the load capacity of the shelf

We all know that shelves are used to put goods and put products. It is necessary to consider the weight, if the load is not up to the requirements, the implementation of the shelf must be a failure. Then, whether we are in the primary communication or in the later stage of drawing design, we must truly understand the load capacity that the warehouse shelves need to achieve, and must clearly point out in the contract to avoid unnecessary trouble in the future. If it is clear that the load is 1 ton, then you can not put more than 1 ton of goods, because this is not only related to whether the warehouse can operate normally, but also directly related to personal safety. If you want the heavy goods on the shelves to exceed the load. If there is a collapse, the consequences will be very serious.

Second: the size of the warehouse shelves

After deep communication with the customer and on-site measurement, we know the size of the warehouse, the height of the space and the way the goods are placed. With these basic parameter values, we can smoothly carry out the next engineering drawing design.

Third: what the warehouse shelves are used for

Warehouse shelf usage is also one of the important factors to consider. For example, some warehouse shelves are used for long-term storage of items in the form of double-deep shelves, some are temporarily placed goods and the shelves are very frequent, you can use the drive-in shelves, and even some of the shelves want to add office That's no problem using the attic platform. In short, the above three main factors must be considered in place, and there are many details that need to communicate directly with us to achieve the desired goals. Sanshui Attic Shelf Factory Non-standard Small Attic Foshan Shelf Large Compartment Custom