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storage shelf export non-standard loft shelf stacking shelves Zhongshan export shelf

May 12, 2018

Guangdong shelf export [non-standard attic shelf] stacking shelf Guangdong export shelf wholesale 18923316395. Non-standard attic shelf custom 17 years. Shelf wholesale installation project free onsite service. Shelf complete service to provide domestic shelves above the installation, in line with fire protection requirements, safe use Shelves. The complete set does not need to be welded and welded, and installation and disassembly are very easy. 


If your original warehouse space area has 500 square feet of cargo space, then build a compartment platform in the warehouse to form a warehouse storage compartment shelf platform, a warehouse on and under the classification of two layers of cargo, plane three-dimensional space utilization 90%. Guangdong shelf export loft can be designed as a multi-storey floor (usually 2 floors), with staircases and goods lift elevators, etc., applicable to the case of high warehouse, light cargo, manual access, and large storage volume.

 Can make full use of space, saving warehouse area. With the use of hydraulic lifting platform efficiency. Multi-level attic (multi-layer) shelves can effectively and simply re-use existing inventory space, and sophisticated design ensures the best results. Widely used in factory warehouses, production lines and offices; safe and beautiful. Attic options docking contact: Miss Tan 18923316395