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Storage shelf type

Apr 25, 2018

In terms of storage shelf types, changes in life, economic growth, and fierce competition in the warehousing market, reducing costs is extremely important to every company. In the cost structure of an enterprise, inventory is an extremely important component, along with the market. With the expansion of the company, the company currently has a number of professional personnel including business consulting, planning and design, manufacturing and manufacturing, and after-sales service, and vigorously introduces domestic and foreign advanced production equipment, mature production technology and perfect quality management system. To ensure that our products always maintain industry leadership in technology and manufacturing processes. Please consult our online customer service for pricing details.


 Shelves are an indispensable part of modern warehouses. Choosing suitable and high-quality shelves can improve the level and efficiency of warehouse management, and at the same time, it can also reduce the cost of warehouse management. To select the right shelf, you first need to understand the function, classification, and related features of the shelf.

Therefore, to win this lasting war victory, effective tactics must be formulated. When I was planning a warehouse, I used the delay rate and turnover rate as the enemy, and the refined model with the single model as the core of the tactics. Merchandising is a knowledge, a reflection of a responsibility, and the best way to hone people. I trained the delivery staff to the merchandiser. If you do a merchandiser, you have more than enough delivery staff. Therefore, in planning the details of the warehouse, all of my equipment production and placement positions are designed around the single mode.

Classified by shelf installation, can be divided into.

Fixed shelves: Fixed shelves can be subdivided into shelf-type, tray-type, through-type, gravity-type, press-in, loft-style, steel platform, cantilevered, mobile, drawer-style and cattle leg shelves.

Mobile shelves: Mobile shelves can be divided into mobile shelves and rotating shelves, which can be subdivided into mobile shelves can be divided into light and medium-sized mobile shelves (also known as dense shelves, divided into manual and electric), heavy-duty tray type mobile Shelves and rotary shelves can be subdivided into two types: horizontal rotating and revolving shelves.