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Storage shelves can be used for so many years? How to extend

Mar 16, 2017

General situation Xia, warehouse shelf are is can with a ten years of, to said how extended words, need focused on many aspects, first is to see warehouse shelf of material, normal situation Xia used of material more good, using life on more long; second, warehouse of storage environment, like warehouse of temperature, and humidity, and light, and ventilation conditions; Furthermore, attention shelf of security bearing, shelf Shang by stacked of goods quality also will effect shelf using life of, best don't beyond shelf of bearing gravity; again or, shelf of production and the packaging way , Advanced of production, can production manufacturing out quality more reliable of shelf, good of shelf can using more long of years, shelf of packaging Shang is is has about of, using good of packaging material and better of packaging way also can increased shelf of using life; last, industries of goods type also will effect shelf life of, like corrosion sex of goods, despite will has corresponding of protection measures, but more or less will somewhat effect of.