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Storage System Experts For Warehouse Logistics Equipments

May 05, 2017

For Warehouse Storage

First, use the forklift truck to put the pallet with goods on the orbit of the aisle. Then through the remote, control the shuttle cart to carry the goods moving on the orbit.


Have the shuttle cart carrying the goods moving to the front, then use the forklift truck to retrieve the goods.

Shuttle cart

The shuttle cart can be placed in different aisle and one shuttle cart can be used for several aisles. The quantity of it depends on the depth of aisle, the weight, the amount and the in-and-out frequency of the goods, etc.

Mesh fence


1, separate working areas for different positions, improve working environment and utilize space reasonably.

2, with modular components, it is easy to install and uninstall and very flexible.

3, using bolts to have the upright post connected to the ground to secure safety.


Overlap pallet cage

When storing the goods, the pallet can be overlapped with bracing tubes. When the pallet cage is not used, the bracing tubes can be removed to save space.

Consistent size and volume, easy to see and count for warehouse inventory.

Wild applications, with mechanization moving equipments, it can be used in transportation, loading, unloading and storage etc.

The size can be customized by customers.

The bearing is up to 800kgs.


Folding mesh container

The creator of loading, unloading, transportation, storage and space!

Simple storage management: consistent size, easy to store and count.

Save space: can be folded and overlapped.

Simple work: with all kinds of transportation devices, it can reduce labor cost.


Container trolley

Save time and labor when moving the goods

Easy to store and see

Can be equipped with door, mesh and layer

Size can be customized by customers

Color can be selected

Bearing up to 500kgs