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Storage wall series of adjustable mold rack

May 09, 2017

Have you ever thought of using a simpler, safer, more cost-effective way to store your injection molds or stamping dies.Lianhezhongbang adjustable mold rack is made of Bridge crane, safety hook, steel tray and other components of a set of the most safe and efficient mold rack system.The use of adjustable mold frame can fully release your space, the mold will be stored to 6 meters high, the height of the ordinary mold frame 3 times.

In fact, many customers will use this system for products other than molds, such as the US Navy Department for the storage of large military equipment, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration for the storage of aircraft engines, Beijing Benz is used to store valuable car zero part and so on.

The traditional standard shelf structure is fixed by bolts or into the slot, in order to adjust the height, it must first clear the goods on the shelf, and then the operator with the mobile platform to the designated location to adjust the cargo height.

Mold frame directly on the ground at any time to complete the height of the adjustment of cargo.

The Storage Wall Series Mold Rack is designed to maximize the potential of the available storage area. Our goal is to design the following core memory principles.

• High density racks- to create greater storage capacity by optimizing the effective utilization of volumetric space

• Convenience of the molds - Adjustable mold racks make mold storage at a glance and easy to find access

• Protecting employee safety - A clearer visibility, safer working environment helps to reduce avoidable accident

• Protecting inventory security - minimizing damage to dirt from dirt, dust and static electricity; protecting goods from loss; quick and easy detection of missing goods

• Flexibility and scalability to meet future needs - Immediately adjust the placement of the mold, rearrange the mold path, expand the storage system, and migrate the entire warehouse when needed