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The Basic Components For All Kinds Pallet Racks

May 08, 2017

Designing and maintaining your heavy-duty pallet rack is a complicated job at best. You must know both the needs and limitations of your business, and your situation can change drastically over time. Some businesses “make do” by keeping the pallet rack they have and adding to it as necessary, while other companies must replace their entire pallet racking system.

Depending on the style of pallet rack you choose, your pallet rack is made up of a variety of components. In addition to these components, there are also many pallet rack accessories available to make your pallet rack safer and more efficient. Some of the most common pallet rack components include:

Upright frames: vertical pieces that are the “walls” of the pallet rack

Load beams: horizontal pieces that are the “shelves” of the pallet rack

Bay: The area left for storage. A bay is the area between the upright frames. Each bay is supported by two upright frames.

Decking: Decks provide additional horizontal shelving surfaces for the pallet rack. Pallet rack decking is often made of wire but also comes in particle board, plywood, solid steel, and other materials.

Of course, the specialists at Ace Industrial know everything there is to know about pallet rack, and we are here to answer your questions and provide you with the best pallet racking system.

Selective pallet racking is suitable for all kinds of warehouses and has been used wildly. Also it doesn’t need high end goods moving equipments and so is the cheapest rack.

Selective pallet racking is the most applied storage system. Every pallet can be 100% placed or moved separately. It is easy to adjust the height and layers of the rack. It is very suitable for the customers who often change the size of pallets and racks.