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The best choice for storing irregular materials - Cantilever shelf

Jun 02, 2017

Does your factory keep long irregular goods? Are you upset about the fact that the goods cannot be stored in boxes? Do you want to solve these worries? Cantilever rack can help you! Whether long strips of material, such as steel, aluminum, alloy or ring goods such as tyres or steel rings, can be stored by cantilever shelving.

Compared to other shelves, the cantilever racking is unique in that it uses the "Christmas tree" theory, and the cantilever storage rack consists of three parts:

(1) Upright post: two upright posts back to back, like brothers, support each other, forming a huge capacity.

(2) Arm: the arm that grows out of the upright post can support the goods strongly, and it is safe and stable.

(3) Base: it is connected with the upright post to provide support for the whole shelf.

LHZB cantilever storage shelf can be designed according to the demand of customer for one or both sides, the length of the pillar can also be designed according to the specific storage of goods. The cantilever can be flexibly adjusted and modified according to the change of the height and weight of the stored goods.

Cantilever shelf has the advantages of stable structure, good load capacity and high space utilization. It is a good assistant for warehouse storage. If you want to store special goods, our designer will be happy to customize the best storage plan for you.