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The characteristics of light storage shelves

Oct 26, 2017

 Metal warehouse shelves features:

    Adopt cold-rolled steel plate according to the required size of four sides bending forming. Zhongtian shelf factory production of the column and the steel plate through the speed buckle pin and triangular fixed piece connection and fixed composition of the shelf. In the case of

    All parts of the shelf after the processing of all the grinding, pickling, phosphating, automatic powder electrostatic spraying, drying and other processes after assembly of finished products.

Production of the finished product surface smooth, beautiful; layer can be adjusted up and down, easy disassembly.

Wooden shelf features:


    1. Mono-style, solid structure, specifications and diverse; Zhongtian shelf factory design style with the times style, supermarket shelves are single-sided shelves can be combined with each other, single-sided shelves can be combined with the corner, double-sided and semi-circular matching; Spacing can be adjusted, it is noble and generous;

    2. The appearance of luxury, elegant colors, and modern store environment integration, creating a new concept of business;

    3. The surface of the epoxy resin electrostatic spray treatment, Shenzhen shelf has a variety of colors, and has a strong anti-corrosion, anti-rust effect of high-density storage, light storage shelves recycling advanced, part of the single take, 20% -30 % Optional, pick up the general speed, storage clearance up to 60% of the entire warehouse.

Gravity shelves

High-density, high-efficiency storage of goods ideal choice, the use of free access design, high inventory turnover rate, according to a single pickup, picking fast, good ground utilization, storage space space warehouse 60%.

Loft shelf

Loft-style shelves are made of shelves to do floor support, can be designed into a multi-storey floor (usually 2-3 layers) set up a staircase and cargo lift elevator, etc., apply to the warehouse higher, light goods, manual access. Storage capacity and the use of high lift and hydraulic lifting platform.

Cantilever Rack

Applicable to the storage of long and irregular objects, such as various types of pipe hose and steel plate.

Electronically controlled mobile shelves

Each set of shelves can be driven by electric (mechanical) alone in orbit, with a channel to solve the 6,8,10 group or more of the shelves of the operation. Press the button to drive the shelf and turn on the desired channel.


      Conventional pallet rack, also known as beam-type shelves or cargo shelves; plug-type combination of fabricated structure, Shenzhen shelf factory column by the import of continuous rolling mill rolling mill processing, column for the assembly structure, beams and Between the columns for the plug-in connection, and with a self-locking ability of the strong spring card-type safety pin to ensure that the use of the forklift and forklift during the operation of the beam and column connection safety and reliability and foolproof; shelf height of every 75mm From the arbitrary adjustable, the unit shelf load of up to 4000 kg per layer; cargo placed on top of the tray, by the forklift access operations, storage convenient and flexible, can be equipped with forward battery forklift, forklift forklift truck, High and other handling equipment.