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The Different shelf names and styles if warehouse shelf

May 21, 2018

High shelf: The technology is imported from Germany. It has the characteristics of good assembly, large carrying capacity and strong stability. Shelf timber uses hot and cold steel plates.

Corridor-style shelves: Designed to store a large number of pallet goods of the same type. One by one, the trays are stored in the depth direction on the support rails, increasing the storage density and improving the space utilization. This shelf is usually used for storage space expensive occasions, such as frozen warehouses. The Corridor-style shelf has four basic components: frame, rail support, tray guide, and diagonal tie rod. This kind of shelf warehouse has a high utilization rate and can achieve first-in, first-out, or advanced and late output. Suitable for storing large quantities, less variety of goods, batch operations. The smallest amount of space is available for maximum storage. It is suitable for large-scale, less-variety cargo storage operations. Forklifts can enter the cargo corridor directly to access the cargo, making the operation extremely convenient. Machinery and equipment requirements: Features of counter-balanced forklifts or forklift racks: Applicable to storage with low inventory flow; providing 20% to 30% selectability; used for warehouses with low pick-up rates. Ground usage rate: 60%, higher (according to the above design calculation)


Beam rack: It is the most popular and economical form of a shelf, safe and convenient, suitable for various warehouses, direct access to goods. It is the simplest and most widely used shelf. Can make full use of space. The convenient tray access method is used to effectively handle the loading and unloading of forklifts, which greatly improves the working efficiency. Machinery and equipment requirements: anti-balanced forklift or forklift. The stacker can increase the use of floor space by 30% and operate at heights of up to 16 meters. Beam racking features: smooth inventory turnover. Can provide 100% of the selection ability. Increase the average pickup rate. Provide quality product protection. Ground usage rate: 31%, low (according to the above design calculation)

Gravity-type shelf: Compared to ordinary pallets, no operation channel is required, so the space utilization rate is increased by 60%; tray operation follows the principle of first-in, first-out; automatic storage is used for rotation; the separation of two actions, storage and picking, greatly increases the output. Since the cargo is slid by gravity and there is no operation channel, the number of transportation routes and the number of forklifts are reduced. In each lane of the shelf, a certain grade of rail with rails is installed. The unit cargo that is put into the warehouse flows from the storage terminal to the outbound terminal under the action of gravity. This kind of warehouse has no working channel between rows and rows, which greatly improves the utilization of warehouse area. However, when used, it is better that the goods in the same row and on the same floor should be the same goods or goods that are put into and out of the warehouse at the same time. Adjustable height, with various types of forklift or stacker, can achieve a variety of trays quick access, the maximum load of the unit can reach up to 5000kg, is the most commonly used storage methods in all walks of life


Cantilever shelf: suitable for long-term goods and irregular goods. The extended cantilever has a light structure, good load capacity, and can greatly improve the utilization of the warehouse and work when storing irregular or lengthy materials. s efficiency. With the addition of shelves, it is especially suitable for small warehouses with low space, low management, convenient management, wide field of vision, and higher utilization rate than ordinary shelf-type shelves.


Loft-type shelf: suitable for a wide variety of limited venues, with a small number of cases, it can increase the utilization of several times in the existing venues, can be used with the lift operation. Fully modular structure, special light steel floor, low cost, fast construction. According to the actual site and needs, it can be flexibly designed into two layers and multiple layers to make full use of space.