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The distance aisle for warehouse shelf

Jun 17, 2017

Do you know how to design the aisle distance between shelf.Here let us told you.

First we should to know what kind of warehouse shelf do you need.

If the height of double deep pallet rack is below 15 meter,loading goods with three-way stacker forklift,the aisle distance between shelf should be at least 1.8 meter.

If the height for storage shelf is below 10 meter,loading goods with front forklift,the distance between two shelf should at least 2.7 meter.

The height is below 7 meter,and equipped with gravity forklift for loading goods,the distance should be at least 3.8-4.2meter for aisle.

For mezzanine or other shelf the height is below 5 meter,if we equipped with electric lift forklift,the aisle should be at least 2.5 meter for aisle.

Equipped with hand pull electric lift forklift,the height of shelf is below 3.5 meter,we can leave 2.5 meter for aisle.

If the warehouse use the hand pull forklift loading goods,we can leave at least 1.5-2 meter for aisle.

If for medium heavy duty shelf,the height of shelf is below 2.5 meter,the aisle between shelves can leave about 0.6-1 meter for walking.

Different warehouse racks should be well checking the height and the Loading and unloading equipment to design the suitable aisle.The you can improve the efficiency of the use of warehouses.