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The feature of shuttle radio storage shelf

Aug 01, 2017

The structure of the shuttle shelf features: mainly by the shelf part, shuttle and forklift three parts. The shuttle can lift the pallet on its own and run along the track in the roadway, transport the goods from the entrance to the roadway or from the roadway to the exit.

Advantages of shuttle shelves: shuttle shelves set a number of advantages, shuttle rack collection of multi-entry forklift forklift operation requirements are low, than the press-fit, gravity shelf storage rate is higher than the efficiency of mobile shelves. Applicable to a wide range.

There is no obvious drawback is its greatest advantage. But also to achieve the automatic transport of goods in the shelves, good adaptability, automatic transport within the rack, good adaptability, automatic transport within the frame, good adaptability, first-in or out-out function; and because of its transport of goods to achieve Automation, very much in its transport of goods to achieve automation, very reduce staff activities, improve staff efficiency and operational safety.

 Shuttle rack technical difficulties and shortcomings: In order to ensure the stable operation of the shuttle, the shelf, rail precision and floor are higher requirements. Shuttle car is the core component of the system, its quality is directly related to the level of future user sales costs. The system investment costs and follow-up maintenance costs are relatively high, the need for a professional and reliable service team responsible for maintenance and repair.

Imports of shuttle cars and domestic shuttle car compared to the price disadvantage, the current foreign shuttle (32-40 million / Taiwan) than the domestic shuttle (15.2 million / Taiwan) to expensive.

Case: Tianjin Ocean cold storage heavily used shuttle shelves, to achieve a good combination of functionality and economy; Guangzhou COSCO logistics companies also use this emerging shelves. The above-mentioned customers in the shuttle with the choice of shuttle, are used abroad to import the quality of the Junghein force shuttle shuttle. In addition, Kerry Logistics Group is also equipped with such a shelf, the same access to a good use of results.