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The forklift for material handling machinery for warehouse design

Jan 18, 2018

Forklift is a material handling machinery that, in accordance with national safety requirements, is a special vehicle. It is engaged in special operations. The so-called material handling equipment mainly refers to the machinery (including docks, yard, mine and commercial warehouse, etc.) within the material handling, transportation, lifting, stacking and storage of mechanical equipment, including industrial vehicles (forklifts, tractors, etc. ), Heavy machinery, conveyors, handling machinery, and storage equipment. What is special operation? Refers to the work in the process of casualties prone to accidents, the operator himself, especially others or the safety of production equipment is a major hazard operations.


The forklift truck, also known as forklift, to fork (of course, can also be equipped with its non-forks handling or crawling attachments) as the main pick device, relying on the hydraulic lifting mechanism to achieve the goods take and lift, By the tire (very few with track) to achieve the level of transport of goods handling, forklift rely on the operation of the driver, to pick up, unloading, stacking and running, without the loading and unloading of workers supporting labor.

Currently in the Chinese market to choose from a large number of forklift brands, complex models, combined with the product itself is strong and very technical, so the choice of models, supplier choice is a lot of purchase companies often face problems. This article focuses on the choice of vehicles, brand selection, performance evaluation standards and other aspects are introduced.

The role of forklifts in material handling

The concept of logistics originated from the research on the military supply system of the military supplies during the World War II, which led to the later integration and logistics. After the World War II, Japanese researchers introduced the logistics technology from the United States in the 1950s, Our country was the new concept of introducing logistics from Japan in the 1980s. After more than 20 years of development, logistics gradually aroused the concern and recognition of the government and all walks of life. The focus of enterprise competition is no longer confined to the price competition, but also to the needs of the market, rapid response, accurate delivery time, good service, Will become an important competitive advantage of modern enterprises.

In people's memory, the warehouse was once a place to take care of the sick and wounded. As the concept of "logistics" continues to gain ground, people are beginning to realize the importance of being the center of material distribution - the importance of warehouses while gaining a new understanding of the role of forklifts as logistics-based equipment: More than a forklift, it is part of an overall solution for material handling. Therefore, how to choose the right forklift truck will have a far-reaching impact on the overall operation efficiency of the entire logistics chain.

From a macro understanding of the forklift they purchased all the information

A wide range of forklift trucks have different uses

How to choose the right forklift is not as simple as we think, need careful analysis, consider many factors and conditions. Forklift is the traditional name of material handling equipment, many types. In general, the forklift can be divided into internal combustion counterbalance trucks, electric counterbalance trucks, storage forklifts and heavy forklifts and other categories, storage forklift can be subdivided into electric pallet trucks, electric pallet trucks, forward Forklifts, narrow-channel forklifts, tractors and other professional models; heavy forklifts can also be subdivided into a balance of heavy forklift, container empty container piling machine, container heavy container piling machine and frontal hanging. In addition, in the flammable and explosive environment, there is a corresponding explosion-proof forklifts; for the handling of special shapes of goods, such as: paper rolls, pipes, etc., the forklift also need to configure the related accessories. Safety, health, environmental protection has been subdivided into a trend, forklift is no longer just our common narrow-bodied forklift style.

Choose a forklift to consider the overall solution

Different storage models need to be configured with different forklifts, the matching mode achieved in the FIFO or advanced, space utilization, operating efficiency and investment costs will be very different. For example, traditional heavy-duty shelves with counterbalanced forklift trucks can pick up goods at any rack position, which has the advantages of high operation efficiency, moderate investment cost, wide range of applications, and insufficient space utilization. Incoming shelves are often used with reach trucks Or small tonnage counterbalanced forklift trucks, stacking density, space utilization is good, but can not achieve any shelf fork to take the goods;

And with the use of elevated rack of narrow-channel forklift, cargo stacking height of more than ten meters, and can achieve any shelf fork to pick and choose the goods, space utilization is good, but its investment costs are high, and need to work with efficient Scientific management system.

Problems that may arise

Many users who are going to use forklifts will not start looking for suitable forklifts after they have completed their warehouses. Due to the lack of necessary understanding of the products and trends in this field, they tend to find that the built-in warehouse is not sufficiently considered not to be a head-on height, resulting in a lower input-output ratio Reasonable, is the column with an embarrassing separation distance, resulting in failure to achieve the best space utilization. Many customers are accustomed to choosing a forklift based on their own past experience. Although the results can meet the basic requirements, they can not give full play to the comprehensive matching effect of the forklift truck to achieve the best operation efficiency, and also result in the waste of investment costs.

The quickest solution - to get information through forklift consultants

There are many factors to consider in choosing a suitable forklift, and non-professionals tend to lose sight of it. The best way is to choose a trusted professional material handling equipment manufacturers to conduct good exchanges and cooperation so as to do more with less, but also to minimize the material handling equipment investment costs.

Reduce the asymmetry of information

Smart business owners in the construction of their own plant when there is a professional general contracting team and detailed professional planning, such a team will be the entire factory cargo storage, circulation and handling of scientific arrangements, as far as possible to avoid the selected Do not match the embarrassing situation of the forklift and the venue.

The following steps can basically solve some common problems you encounter during the process of purchasing a forklift truck.

First, fully understand their own forklift operating environment, and then choose the right model and configuration

What is your cargo? What size card board? Whether to enter the elevator or container? What is the size of the channel? .......

The forklift has the basic function of moving cargo horizontally and lifting it with the ability of stacking, loading and picking. In the case of full understanding of the weight, volume and shape of the goods and the height of the goods to be hoisted and the status of the passageway inside the factory (passage width, floor load, anti-static, dustproof and explosion proof and noise prevention) Determine what you need forklifts and how to configure. At the same time, you can consult 1-3 different forklift companies to consult, reduce the information asymmetry.

Second, the cost calculation

There are many business owners in the process of buying a forklift, never carefully calculate the purchase cost. To eliminate the waste of equipment, you should clearly know the number of devices they need for scientific and maximize the use of the conversion into productive forces.

The price of a forklift is just the tip of the iceberg

If only from the perspective of investment costs, for a simple example, the goods from A to 100 meters away from the B, we can choose not to spend a penny to buy a forklift truck completely manual handling of goods in the past, you can Select the value of a few thousand dollars, tens of thousands, tens of thousands, a few million dollars from the forklift truck equipment to carry the goods in the past, the first forklift from the first purchase costs, the difference is extremely disproportionate, but if the calculation of its comprehensive operating costs , It may be that the equipment needed to transport the goods with the least investment cost is the most expensive to carry.

As an end user of forklift trucks, what really cares about is the overall operating cost of the forklift truck throughout its useful life. This is also the so-called "iceberg" theory, which we often talk about. The initial purchase cost of a forklift truck compared to its integrated operation only reveals that the entire iceberg on the sea can see the huge underground iceberg body hidden beneath the sea. Easy to overlook the forklift in the future use of the process will have to maintain the cost of maintenance, energy costs, labor costs, and even opportunity costs, the same risk costs. Therefore, we must consider it synthetically.

In fact, some people operate the forklift and the car is actually the same in function. The main function of the forklift is to carry the goods, while the car carries both the goods and the transporter. Accurate budget and positioning the forklift you need will save you the time to purchase the right product. If you only have the budget of less than 100,000, ready to carry 3T the following goods, the use of venues for environmental protection is not high, the use of forklifts is not too frequent, it is recommended You locate on the domestic brands, do not waste a lot of time to collect and contact and contact the world's top 10 forklift brand sellers.

Third, the choice of leasing and direct purchase

Rental forklifts have become popular in developed countries in Europe and the United States, in the United States 1/3 of the construction machinery is completed by way of leasing. Due to different national conditions, forklift rental in China is still in its infancy. In economically developed areas (coastal), forklift rental is in full swing. In the future, China's forklift leasing business will surely occupy a rather important proportion in the material handling and sourcing industry as the developed countries do.

The choice of whether the forklift truck operator is on a rental or purchase basis must be considered. The benefit of forklift truck leasing is that leasing can relieve enterprises of depreciation caused by investment in fixed assets and idle equipment so that enterprises can outsource their logistics so that their capital can be invested in their core business so as to enhance their competitiveness. In China, many small foreign-funded enterprises tend to lease forklifts to solve the handling problems. In fact, not all businesses are fit for leasing forklifts, and over half of the world's forklifts are still being purchased directly by business owners. This is why some very large enterprises (including foreign-funded companies) still pass the direct purchase of forklifts because of the differences in the products being transported and the requirements for safety and environmental protection in the logistics channel (leasing of forklifts may not be able to solve all handling problems) Set up their own material handling fleet, unified management and training and reasonable scheduling.

Fourth, in safety, environmental protection and efficiency considerations

The current forklift truck purchasing environment has been quite different from a dozen years ago. Users of forklift trucks need to evaluate the options they encounter in terms of safety, environmental friendliness and efficiency. Of course, it needs to be clear that product safety is paramount, followed by environmental protection and efficiency once again. This is especially true for those who require the purchase of special forklifts, such as explosion-proof forklifts, and are used in specialty locations.

In terms of safety, most forklifts listed in China have passed forklift truck quality and safe driving inspection by the National Construction Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. However, there are still a few cottage factories that assemble or counterfeit products of enterprises that have obtained certificates in the market, jeopardizing safety and environmental protection, not to mention the efficiency of their work. Therefore, the first basic step in forklift truck purchasing is to know whether the product has obtained the production license. Ex-forklift truck to buy a special customer, in addition to the necessary production licenses, but also need to know whether the forklift has been issued by the relevant state authorities certificate of explosion-proof grade.

If the user of the forklift is a food company or uses the forklift in a place where the environment is very demanding, he should take seriously the emission requirements of the products he wants to buy. Of course, electric forklift is undoubtedly a very good choice. Electric forklift emissions are basically zero, followed by GAS (liquefied petroleum gas) forklifts and gasoline trucks, and finally diesel forklifts. Currently, in the Chinese market, diesel trucks are still the largest market share, electric forklift only accounts for about 20% of the market share. In Europe and the United States Japan, the electric forklift market share of more than 50%. So far, the United States, with its land area about the size of China, has more than 1 million forklifts and China has only half that of the United States. That's the difference. That is why China is still the dominant diesel-powered forklift truck today. In any case, as long as there is transport behavior, it will pollute the environment, that is, electric forklift powered by hydrogen fuel cell will still generate emissions in the early stage of fuel production. Therefore, the right choice of product is very important for users who have different requirements in the environment of the place of use.

The use efficiency and safety of forklift truck are the same as those of environmental protection. In fact, "efficiency" can be manifested in two aspects. First, users of forklift trucks make rational use of forklifts to maximize their handling potential. For example, a few companies around the world use the latest Rfid radio frequency identification technology on the forklift while using advanced logistics management software to maximize the efficiency of the forklift (reducing truck idle travel). Followed by the forklift's own technological innovation. Take a simple list, such as electric forklift battery replacement degree of ease (replacement of the amount of time spent) is also one of its efficiency. The level of efficiency, it will directly affect the level of profits and profits generated by the business.

Because each manufacturer's forklift truck products in the safety, environmental and efficiency considerations, so buyers have a wide range of options. It should be noted that, in these three areas are the perfect product its price must be high, the high price behind, its maintenance costs will naturally not low.

Fifth, understand the basic configuration of products and other special requirements

If you buy a forklift is a popular product, its configuration has many acquaintances.

Give a simple Liezi, domestic three tons of internal combustion forklifts in the market can purchase their own parts to be assembled. And this tonnage of products, in the market also has the largest sales. No matter power system, transmission system, electronic system and other eight systems have traditional and stable supplier of forklift parts for them. However, if you need to buy products for use in special venues, such as dust concentrations in industrial and mining establishments, configure the traditional air filter configuration forklift may not be able to withstand the test. In the tropics, forklifts should also consider the special requirements of their cooling system.

The greatest benefit of collecting this information is that it can eliminate the lack of understanding of the internal structure of the product due to the information asymmetry, and cause the loss of purchase for itself, especially in the follow-up service.

You must also master some of the key basic features of a forklift, including its handling capacity, traction size, braking sensitivity, maneuverability, ability to overcome obstacles on the road and passage through a variety of unfriendly surfaces, resist overturning, ease of handling Sex and comfort and more.

If you do not need some of your traditional fork products, depending on the product you need to configure a different forklift attachment. You have to ask the forklift truck supplier about the performance and parameters of the accessory and, if necessary, you can learn directly from the accessory supplier.

Six, choose and locate the right brand

As we mentioned above, there are more than 100 forklifts with more than 500 brands worldwide in China. The world's top 20 forklift manufacturers, 90% of manufacturing plants and agents in China.

Go to professional media and agencies to learn about the brand of forklift trucks sold in the Chinese market.

There are hundreds of Chinese and foreign forklift brands in China, among which many also have specialized in the manufacture of special forklift trucks. Therefore, buyers need to accurately locate their own products and then accurately locate the brand.

Seven, inspection vendors

After you've pinpointed your intended forklift brand, you'll need to examine the brand's vendor or direct location near where you purchased it. It should be noted that, in contact with vendors or direct sales point before the need to do the homework is as follows:

First, in order to ensure the safety of their purchased products and follow-up services to protect those excluded from the use of forklifts within the scope of more than 500 km without service outlets forklift products