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The function and sort of logistic forklift

Jun 22, 2017

The function and sort of logistic forklift

Warehouse Forklift truck also known as universal loading and unloading machine, automatic loader, automatic lift, etc..It is no rail flow of lifting transport machinery. 

The forklift is a highly efficient working vehicle that implements mechanized loading and unloading, stacking and short-haul transportation of goods and bulk materials, and is widely used in various sectors of the national economy. Applicable to stations, docks, airports, warehouses, construction sites.Cargo factories and industrial and mining enterprises, It is the modern enterprise necessary loading and unloading machinery.

There are many types of forklifts, and the classification method is different.

According to the different fork positions can be divided into:

1.Direct forklift. It is using most forklift type. Straight fork, also known as the balance of heavy forklift it is can used in heavy-duty storage shelf, and its fork in the front of the forklift; as the fork out of the front wheel axis, in order to balance the weight of the goods overturned torque, fork in the rear equipped with a balanced weight, To maintain forklift stability.

2.Side forklift: its fork in the forklift side.

According to their different power devices can be divided into:

1.Battery forklift.

2.Internal combustion forklift

Internal combustion forklift engine is divided into gasoline and diesel engines (generally the weight of no more than 5t) two. Internal combustion forklift transmission is divided into mechanical transmission, hydraulic transmission and full hydraulic drive .

The function of forklift

1.Reduce labor intensity, save labor. A forklift can replace 8 to 15 loading and unloading workers.

2.Shorten the operating time, improve operating efficiency, speed up the turnaround.

3.To improve the utilization of warehouse volume, and promote the development of multi-storey shelves and high-level warehouse, the volume utilization factor can be increased by 40%.

4.Reduce the damage to the goods, improve the safety of operations, reliability.

Different warehouse rack system match different forklift.We should use the right forklifts to match client’s warehouse,then can be work well.