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The importance of English in storage warehouse solution for warheouse area

Jan 17, 2018

The importance of English in storage warehouse solution for warheouse area

Speaking of work, if it is foreign investment, it goes without saying that English is very important. However, if we work in the private sector, what are we supposed to do in English? However, the real work is ultimately inevitable in English dealings, because: sometimes buy foreign machines, and these foreign things, all information is in English, no Chinese characters, you want to understand, you want to know how to operate, How to control, how a difficult words; for example, warehouse management software such as WMS, SAP, the operating interface is also mostly English; imported forklifts and other equipment, there are signs in English, if you do not understand, jokes do not say, Will miss a lot of opportunities.

To sum up, the opportunity is always reserved for those who are prepared, no matter how humble you are in an environment, but do not look down upon yourself, always ready, there is always a chance we are caught!

The following commonly used in warehousing in English to share, hope useful.


Receiving Team

Receiving Area

Bulk Storage

Rack area


Warehouse receipt "Warehouse entry"

Receiving Note

Receiving Product Receiving Product

Goods receipt time Goods Receive Date

Total items Quantity Total Material Quantity


Gross Weight

Net Weight

Maximum Weight

Miximum Weight

Total Capacity

Delivery List

Picking Goods

Picking Area Picking Area

Transfer Order Transfer Order

Inspection Report

Bill of Material

Part Number

Electronic Note Electronics Note

Code wheel Pallet-Sorting

Sort Picking / Sorting

Purchase Order (PO)

Handwritten single Hand Note

Arrival Notice

Import arrival Goods

Inspection Note

Entry scanning Entry Scanning

Scan Scan

Stock In Stock

Effective use of inventory Available Stock

Frozen Stock Blocked Stock

Inventory Inventory / Stock

Stock List Stock List

Shipping Area

Delivery Sheet

Count Count

Daily plate

Weekly Week Weekly Count

Monthly Count

Annual Count Annual Count

Storage Bin

Mail E-Mail

Confirmation by phone by phone

Confirmation Confirmation

Business Card Contact Windows

Sealing tape Seal Label

Packing mat Cushion

Deformed Cartoon

Original Shorts in Original Packaging

Second seal second seal cartoon

Qualified Stamp


Entry System

System Down System Down

Block the block

Unrestricted Unrestriction

Quality Inspection

Transfer Warehouse Transfer Truck

Quantity Shortage

Shortage of original packaging

Damage Damage

Modify Location Modify Location

Driver Driver

Carton damaged

Exchange Cartoon

Assist to Handle

Qualified Goods


Scanner Scanner

Host DT (DeskTop)

Export host Export DT

Domestic host Outbound DT

Monitor Monitor

Printer Printer

Scanner Scanner

Memory Memory

All in One (AIO)

Computer Carrying Case

Part Number

Host Number DT Number

Batch Number Batch Number

Model Model

Serial Number Serial Number

Speaker Speaker

Option Option

Finish Goods

Chassis Chassis

Power Cable

Power Plug Power Plug

Power Switch Power Switch

Fan Fan


Microphones Micro Phone

HDD (Hard Disk Drive)

Projector Projector

Board Main Board


Wireless Mouse Wireless Mouse


Product Description Goods Description

Packing Strap

Hand Forklift

Electric forklift Forklift

Forklift Driver

Stock Pick-up

Scan Scan

Count Cycle Count

Daily Weekly Monthly Daily / weekly / monthly / Annually cycle count

Storage Location


Post (Post) Post GI (goods Issue)

System failure System debug

Customer Escalation Defective On Arrival (DOA)

Invoice number Delivery number

Goods issue date Goods issue date

Total invoice Grand total deliveries

Pick up area

Serial NO

Shipping Point Shipping Point

Shipping Unit Shipping Unit

Storage Location

Total delivery weight

Combined Transport

Direct Transport Through Transport

Transfer Transport

Container Transport Container Transport

FCL Full container load (FCL)

Less than container load (LCL)

Regular Stock Sycle Stock

Safety Stock Safety Stock

Inventory cycle Inventory cycle time

Lead time (or lead time) Lead time

Goods stack

Stacking Stacking

Loading and unloading

Package Package / packaging

Pallet packaging Palletizing

Sorting Sorting

Stereoscopic warehouse

Virtual warehouse Virtual warehouse

Export supervised warehouse Export supervised warehouse

Customs supervision of cargo Cargo under custom's supervision

Shelf Goods Shelf

Goods yard Goods Yard

Customs Declaration

Customs Broker

Import and Export Commodity Inspection

Warehouse layout Warehouse layout

Inventory Control Inventory Control

Outsourcing Outsourcing