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The medium storage racks for electricity manufacture

May 23, 2017

The medium storage racks for electricity manufacture.As we know that the there have many different style element of goods for stocking.Lianzhong Zhongbang Warehousing Equipment Co., Ltd. designers to provide medium shelves shelf, divided into 4 and 5 shelf, each layer can be 100-500KG load, 100% free to choose the goods. Medium Shelf can be horizontal, vertical connection, increase stability and safety.

Electronics factory warehouse shelves through the assembly and disassembly of the orderly arrangement of the product has a regular display. It can have a lot of layers, storage can be more space, so to solve the product can solve more problems. And then with the magnetic label, to help customers display the  materials placed in right shelves and help people save working hours.

Electronic factory warehouse shelves to achieve low  cargo, you can directly get goods, save the use of forklift time. The use of removable assembly racks to the order of the material placed in the same material placed in the same place, so It can be very clear that the quantity of material left.

Electronic factory warehouse shelves are composed of beams and columns, the middle of the pavement board, layer with a layer of steel layer with steel, wood plate cost is low, but the relative load-bearing can only reach one ton, and the cost of steel High, load-bearing is up to four tons. So that customers can be customized according to their own needs electronics factory warehouse shelves.

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Grey color medium shelf for checking