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The Precautions for use of the shelves

Oct 20, 2017

Storage food Shelves, we all know that it is a kind of goods used to store the goods, can effectively improve the efficiency of warehouse management to ensure that the warehouse clean and orderly, so in many enterprises and supermarkets are very common. However, the shelf also has a certain period of use, in order to extend its service life, daily maintenance is very important. To this end, the zhongshan shelf summed up the use of the six shelves must understand the precautions, hoping to give you some help.

Precautions for use of the shelves:

1, Shelf Anti-foot heavy foot. To put the goods heavier on the bottom, and vice can be placed on the high level, to prevent the phenomenon of top-heavy, resulting in the instability of the shelves, unsafe.

2,Rack  anti-impact. Especially for some heavy-duty shelves, often use forklifts such transport equipment, so that we should pay special attention to prevent the impact of the shelves, and for the goods have to gently, to prevent bumps with the shelves.

3, Storage shelf anti-ultra-wide and wide. Shelf height, layer width has been identified and limited, card board and the size of the goods to be slightly smaller than the net space 100mm.

4, Shelf anti-overload. Each kind of shelf has a certain load-bearing standards, in the actual delivery of goods should not exceed the maximum load of the shelves, to prevent the shelf because of the load is too large and abnormal deformation.

The use of warehouse shelves can make the warehouse more clean and orderly, the goods at a glance, making complex warehouse management has become simplistic, and improve the utilization of the warehouse, so, in order to ensure the greater use of the value of the shelf, the use of shelves Also pay special attention.