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The principle and main points of shelf design of jewelry store

Feb 10, 2018

Following principles in the design of scale shelf:

1. Considering the deformation caused by the uneven weight distribution of goods, the transverse thrust caused by the stacking machine or forklift movement, and the seismic intensity fortification;

2. Maintain a safe distance between the goods, between the goods and the scale shelves, and between the goods and the fire pipes, and set aside the fire sprinkler space;

3. Select high-quality steel, surface anti-rust and decorative treatment, and reduce the project cost as much as possible while ensuring the performance of scale shelf.


Scale shelf design should pay attention to the following points:

1. Design and scale structure, application requirements, the equipment situation must be taken into account comprehensively, load properties, material supply and installation conditions, factors such as, selecting reasonable structure form, construction measures and production materials, do technology, reasonable economy, safety, ensure the quality.

2. Dimensions tolerance, deformation and clearance of scale shelves should meet relevant standards.

3. There are strict design procedures, which should conform to the relevant standards, whether in the limit state of durability or in the design of a scale shelf structure with a large load limit state. There should be a calculation book. For major projects, finite element calculation must be carried out to compound the strength, stiffness and stability of the scale shelf, and comprehensively assess the safety of the earthquake action. For the repeated use of standard scale shelf, there should be a universal calculation book.

4. The calculated data must be based on or tested. Scale shelf structure it is often difficult to accurate analysis from theory, must use the corresponding test to determine the parameters needed in design, also can be directly determined by test scale shelf structure or a component bearing capacity. The test shall be reported, and the test equipment shall be calibrated and qualified by the qualified metrology department certified by the state.

5. Beam type scale shelves, each girder ends must be equipped with locking devices, or provide the screw and nut fastening, the beam can steadily fixed on the upright post, prevent up by outside force and the escape. To ensure that the beam is connected to the locking device (or screw and nut), check the normal operation of the crossbar lock or the fastening of the screw nut in the use, and replace the damaged device in time.

6. The feet should be fixed on the concrete base properly. To make clear the connection mode between the scale shelf and the ground is to adopt the embedded parts, adopt the secondary irrigation scheme, or use the chemical bolt to connect directly with the ground. The diameter and small size of the bolt must be determined according to the actual load, seismic load or wind load. The small scale shelves are not fixed by hand. The concrete must be solidified continuously for 28 days, and the corresponding pressure should be borne. The uneven settlement of the foundation should meet the requirements of use.

7. The settlement value of the oneness scale shelf based on the storage rack should be strictly controlled to ensure the normal use of the scale shelf structure. In the design time, the scale shelf should be taken care of the separation of the base of the scale shelf and the foundation of the building, so as to prevent the damage of the building from the force of the scale shelf structure.

8. Must set in scale shelves marked in one or more permanent sign, the area of each sign should not be less than 20 x 20 (cm2), signs shall be marked with clear font on the big unit load (kg), each layer of uniformly distributed load (kg), each goods allowed to store the number of unit load.

The characteristics and application range of light scale shelves, the characteristics of light scale shelves:

1. The scale shelf column is made of the bilateral punch holes of equilateral Angle steel. The hole distance is arranged in a straight line with a distance of 50mm, and the column hole is used for hanging laminates.

2. The steel plate of the scale shelf shall have cold rolled steel plate to be formed on the four sides of the required size.

3. The vertical and steel plates are connected with the fixed and fixed scale shelves by fastening card pins and triangular fixed plates.

4. All parts of the scale shelf are processed by grinding, pickling, phosphating, automatic powder electrostatic spraying, drying, etc. After processing, the finished products are assembled. Production of the scale shelf finished product surface smooth, beautiful; The laminate can be adjusted up and down arbitrarily.

Scope of application:

1. It is usually used for small and medium sized pieces and light cargo storage, and the single-layer load-bearing is assumed to be less than 150kg.

2. Manual handling, storage and picking.