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The production of shelf post

Jun 23, 2017

Here let us tell you about the shelf post production and processing steps.

warehouse shelves of all materials are from the steel production of cold-rolled steel.

Shelf factory should buy cold-rolled steel.The width is generally 800-1250mm.

Because the shelf shape of the column only 55 * 45* 2.0, step beam 60 * 40 * 22mm. The size of the incoming slitting into the corresponding width, and then the longitudinal cold rolling .The steel is sent to the automatic punch by the forklift, open the punch, the cold rolled steel out of the required shelf column hole shape. The current use of the largest shelf column hole for the diamond-shaped hole, punch the hole column material into the mill before .

And the cold-rolled steel is rolled into a desired hole shape by a rolling mill.

How is the length of the shelf column controlled? Also on the rolling mill to complete the synchronization. So that a number of complete shelves on the processing of the column, then it is not to say that the shelves of the pillars to do this finally, the answer is no.Because the power of the warehouse shelves column finally on the role of the floor, but also in the column and the ground contact with the location of the welding floor, after such a series of processes, a shelf column processing has been basically finished, and finally the shelf surface treatment, shelf surface treatment is generally done after pickling, spray plastic to complete.

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