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The scope of application of B beam hanging shelf for warehouse

Feb 18, 2018

The scope of application of B beam hanging shelf

1, Shelf column is made of cold-rolled steel by special cold forming unit rolling molding, the front punch double row of holes, the hole distance to 50mm distance along a straight line, column hole used to mount the beam; two opposite columns, The middle of the horizontal connecting pipe and inclined connecting pipe will be assembled into two columns into the shelf column. The company is located in: 

2, the shelf beams using "P" type pipe, commonly known as "ladder beam", the height of the ladder and floor height matching. The company is located in: 

3, Shelf steel plate mining cold-rolled steel plate by the required size of the four sides of bending. The company is located in: 

4, cross beam and column pieces assembled into a frame, after the laying of steel plate, thus a complete set of medium-sized shelf molding.

5, the shelves after processing all parts of the molding all polished, pickling, phosphating, automatic powder electrostatic spraying, drying and other processes after the assembly of finished products. Produced shelf surface smooth, beautiful; shelf layer can be adjusted up and down according to the 50mm pitch, easy disassembly. 

The scope of application: 1, usually used for small and medium-sized pieces, heavier cargo storage, single-layer load-bearing in the range of 150kg-600kg. 2, Widely used in various occasions such as manpower, manual handling, storage and picking operation storage and display.

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