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The secret of move storage racking smoothly and quickly

Feb 28, 2018

First of all, moving the background of different positions, but the result I think there is only one, that is, the shortcomings caused by short positions will be immediately moved, the advantages will only start to emerge in the long-term stability. So to see too much because of moving positions, warehouse boss to the basic black pot, heavy were Kacha, the light have to depression.

The storage racking system including mold shelf,pallet racks,mezzanine floor racking system,storage shelf and so on.

Purpose of better operation

Moving positions is for better operation, only a long-term and stable performance.

Results Aging and data

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Out of storage aging data to be more beautiful, but the early will be very painful, all kinds of pain boil.

Process budget and time

The direction of the big plan to be good, inventory accuracy is king, do not go to the house to move out of the house not seen a valley, do not make a difference, what details should be how to do, what division of labor, and so on, it is afterword, first two budget Absolutely can not save time.

Set a good time, can not catch

Moving positions will not happen overnight, but certainly not willing to wait for other departments, the boss is more reluctant to wait, then the person in charge to measure their own, move the success of others think it should be, there are problems that can not be offset, in other departments In front of it is never lift the head, the reputation of the most easily foul is the case, it can not compromise; Moreover, the boss will not generally change at this time, you are actually negotiating chips will be much higher, the time is not compromise, three Days are three days, do not interrupt the department, the time to be completed ahead of schedule, no statement of position. Moving positions is actually very easy, the difficulty is immediately shipped, beautifully into the ship.

Budgets do not compromise

At this time it is best to drag the boss (into the private sector can not only direct chat with the boss). The boss is the total command of the total scheduling ah, I like to expose the problems, advocating Murphy's law, a typical pessimist. This is a matter of personality, but people's budget must not be compromised. The new environment and new team will definitely have more people to spend more time on their operations. Move the warehouse must be a new team to do ideological work with the boss, so that the boss co-ordination of various departments, to be slow to goods, shipments have to slow down. We are human, moving positions are tired of living the brothers are warehouse, dry work is not thankless living, even if the inventory is 100% accurate that others should be done to your uncle who can do it We want to keep a bit of dignity for practitioners in this industry and we will try our best to do a good job.

How to move: Inventory accuracy

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The person in charge to control the point on the line, inventory accuracy, pay close attention. For the inventory of moving warehouse I think before moving the warehouse will be meticulous detail of the goods, moving warehouse period on the large inventory on the line. Is how many new cars moved out of the box how many boxes, a new warehouse to receive the full number of cars on the box, the completion of the goods on the shelves immediately shipped it, after all, this is also a chance of performance, timely delivery who will be the winner, as long as you ship Will shut up, no one will grumble you, always remember the details of the work front-line staff are most aware of the most careful to let go and give them to do, chiefs for them to fight for more temporary labor costs more for their defense of dignity, do This line is not easy help with each other.