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The storage pallet shelves of mezzanine shelves display 19 criteria

Oct 28, 2017

The storage pallet shelves of mezzanine shelves display 19 criteria

1. All goods and laminates to maintain the two fingers between the high width, the excess space to stay in the lower;The storage shelf can use it better.

2. The commodity display rules are in accordance with the brand, the color depth, the price level of the principle of the same series of goods display from top to bottom, from left to right for the order, from small to large classified display;

3. The goods face (with the Chinese side of the description) forward, display neatly, full volume full;

4.The shelves of the sale of finished goods to pull near the goods to fill the spare face;

5.Out of goods to be marked 11, a temporary out of stock labels, and indicate the date and time of arrival;


6. The shelves can not have residual, expired goods;

7. All out of stock to keep the vacancy, can not be filled with other goods;

8. To determine the face of goods display, can not be privately changed, if any special circumstances, must have the manager to sign the consent before rectification;

9. The product of a single product at least 18 cm-20cm;

10. The sale of goods is due to shelf sales can not meet the needs of customers and special display for the end frame, the head of the goods;

11. The display of goods on the shelves must meet the principle of classification of goods;

12. The sale of goods is seasonal strong, adequate volume, low prices, high margins of goods.

13.A pile of head in principle display a single product, up to no 34, more than two, and low prices of goods on display in the front;

14. The height of the commodity displayed on the pile should be around 1.4m;

15. The pile head and the former N-alignment, the main channel display of the pile should be a straight line;

16. Clearance, negative gross commodities should not do the bulk of goods display;

17. The pile of goods to display the card board (pallets) bottom, the goods can not directly contact the ground;

18.The pile of canned display of goods can not put more than two layers, cartons face up, between the two boxes can not leave the gap;

19. The bulk of the goods should be displayed on the size of the card board shall prevail, can not be exceeded;