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The Usage Of Logistic Trolley

Jun 20, 2017

Logistic hand trolley light and flexible, wide range of applications without lifting capacity, load-bearing is usually below 500kg.

When choosing a trolley,consider the shape and nature of the goods.When you need to carry a lot of goods when the general should use a trolley, otherwise you can use a dedicated trolley.

The trolley can be divided into oriental and western-style carts,which can be divided into multi-storey trolleys,folding  trolley and lift trolleys and China Custom trolley factory.

The usage of storage trolley for warehouse.

First the trolley of plate processing is completed, you must count the number of finished and the quality of qualified after the test into the trolley. The car is only placed door panels and decorative auxiliary board. And the board should be stored according to specifications, the same specifications or similar specifications board storage. After the board is placed, do not place the corresponding order at the signboard, and close the fence. One person operation, trolley speed should be similar with the operator walking speed. The plate removed and the set of orders is no longer used, the end of the process users should be timely placed in the trolley truck storage area. Finally about trolley maintenance once a week, the operator in each collection to check whether the trolley is intact.

Hope above can help you how to selvective a suitable hand trolley for your warehouse.