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The Usage Of Storage Cage Made In China

Jun 29, 2017

Do you know about the China storage cage for loading goods,the storage cage is a usage tool for stocking products.

Storage iron cage, also known as storage cage, stronger storage cage with Q195 high line as a raw material, the cold drawn profile. And then through the formation of semi-finished wire mesh. In the production of mesh, you can use galvanized or spray for surface treatment (most of the storage cage using galvanized treatment), the surface treatment can be assembled after the final production of finished products.

Storage cage has the advantage of easy storage, do not take up storage space, while folding storage cage can also be folded.

When not in use it be folded up or stored more reasonable. At the same time storage cage also has a beautiful appearance, durable, easy to move, carrying capacity and other characteristics. The size of the storage cage can be made according to the actual requirements of the customer's products. When purchasing the storage cage, you should consider the external dimensions of your product, the maximum load requirements of your design, whether your storage cage is used for warehousing,or stack and so on.

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