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The using methods and techniques of the pallet

Sep 26, 2018

The  pallet is matched with the forklift to carry goods in the warehouse or  under the warehouse to protect against water and moisture. It is  suitable for use in various factories, warehouses, logistics  distribution centers and distribution centers. The use of pallets can be basically divided into the following two types.

Zhongshan Daxinyuan Cold Storage.jpg Picture from Zhongshan Daxinyuan Cold Storage

1.Cooperate with the three-dimensional warehouse shelf: When it used the  three-dimensional warehouse shelf, it keeps the pallet on the two beams of  the shelf and places it evenly and evenly. The length of the pallet  should be more than 50 mm of the outer diameter of the two beams. If this is the shelf of the middle layered board, the tray should be  placed in the middle of the layer when the tray is placed, so as to  avoid the instability of the unevenness of the shelf.

2.  Use with forklift: When using manual hydraulic forklift, mechanical  forklift, electric pallet forklift, etc., the forklift arm width should  be released as much as possible. The arm length of the forklift should  be as long as possible. It is better that the forklift arm length exceeds  the length of the pallet. Manual  hydraulic forklifts or mechanical and electric forklifts should  maintain uniform speed and stability during the process of transporting  goods by pallets, avoiding emergency braking, large shocks, etc.,  causing the goods to fall, or even causing damage to the pallet due to  uneven force.


Pallets are widely used in the modern warehousing industry, and they  are almost infiltrated into warehouses in all industries.