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The way for finding storage shelf distributors

Jul 12, 2017

The main ways to obtain  storage shelf dealers information are the following two points.

1.Through the internal information obtained for the establishment of a sound market file manufacturers, usually already accumulated a large number of candidate dealer information. Active in the market line of clerk, but also should be well aware of a dealer in an industry. Once the usual accumulation of these valuable information, find a  pallet shelf dealer much easier.

2.Access to external information for a long history or new builders, you can also use a variety of external information to obtain a list of dealers. These are mainly industry associations, chambers of commerce. Trade fairs or trade fairs. advertising. Dealer consultation.

3.Market research market survey.We can search who's doing well, and then go to the upstream to find a dealer; follow the car is from the supplier (manufacturer) to start, which suppliers do a good job of the market, put them Dealers find out.

4.Electronic business

This is a new way for finding storage mezzanine,high quality shelf.This is a new way of investment, manufacturers in their own website or portal publishing notice, you can get dealer information.