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There is a very strange phenomenon in the manufacturing industry for warehouse storage shelf

Feb 12, 2018

There is a very strange phenomenon in the manufacturing industry: it seems that you have a large warehouse, your warehouse will be filled with how much inventory; how many you have the warehouse (location), each of your warehouse which will be all in stock! How big warehouse, how high inventory will be! As home to live, then a big house, a long time also feel crowded panic!

    Why is it so? In theory, an enterprise, the level of inventory control should not be the size of the physical warehouse is not necessarily linked. However, the actual situation is not the case.


A case I personally experienced: the author of a good friend, when they just built the factory in 2000, when the warehouse area of about 7000 square meters, when their warehouse manager shouting raw materials all day, no place to put finished products, complained about the purchase to buy more The material, complain about the production of the finished product is too much, sometimes directly to the excess material stored in the workshop or even the logistics service providers to go there. By the time they moved in 2002, as the workshop expanded and the total area was fixed, the warehouse had to be reduced to less than 500 square meters. The beginning of the time, the material is really no place to put the storage manager complained for some time, the result of about six months, the material has not been registered to the logistics service providers there, the workshop which uses the PSMS system (their own development Of the material distribution system, according to the production plan changes, automatically by the warehouse to deliver the material directly to the production line of each station), the shop shelves are also withdrawn, the warehouse or place to put material, and neat than before! The types of products, independent coding of the type of material is almost unchanged, only a lot more, with the basic sales has been the case, the average inventory turnover from about 20 times in 2000 increased to more than 40 times in 2002!

Why is that? Summarized the results are probably the following aspects:

First: the relationship with people's minds.

This is like we live in the house big thing, things can be bought casually, bought casually put the results until a long time, the things home, the buy, should not buy, commonly used, not commonly used, bought Never useless, everywhere! So the house will look smaller and smaller!

Procurement and manufacturing control of the manufacturing industry, of course, than the home to buy more rational, especially those who apply ERP more successful business. But the crux of the problem is that no matter how ERP planning, co-ordination, the implementation of the plan is what people do - ERP tells you to enter 50 March 10 motor, buyers may for all reasons on March 5 Give the goods in! But also may enter more! Had planned to produce only 5000 finished products, may eventually produce 6000 or more, and why? Early procurement, more purchases, more production, for everyone in terms of more safety, anyway, there is a place to let it go! Sales may not have much pressure, it does not matter to sell something, with the customer needs, no thing to sell is the most troubling!

Second: the larger the warehouse, the more difficult the management.

A key issue of warehouse management is how to ensure the accuracy of inventory data. Warehouse area is large, setting management may be "no need" to do as well, anyway, somewhere, the result is likely to lead to chaos inventory data, and inventory data chaos can lead to MRP plan problems, and ultimately is the Do not come, should not have come, the stock is bigger and bigger, material shortage situation is more and more, the production of unplanned shutdown will be more and more times, the issue of the finished product can not be sent also Has become a vicious cycle. As a result, inventory expansion has become inevitable!

Third, the larger the warehouse, the more compartments may be allocated.

It is precisely because the warehouse area is large enough, everyone regarded the warehouse as a monk meat, especially those relatively large manufacturing plants, departments, agencies are more, we are not the same division of labor, who want to have their own warehouse area (location), or even Even personnel and administration have a place in the warehouse. So, you will find that there is something in each of the locations, even if it is only reflected in the production of materials: there are a lot of messy new materials in the R & D department's storage space, and Who dare not dispose of them at will; IQC (incoming inspection) department will have the material to be inspected forever; the MRB (material review committee) will accumulate more and more never reach a conclusion and can not be used Of the raw materials, finished products, semi-finished products; Procurement department said to be back to the supplier's goods in the warehouse inside put it, anyway, we owe the supplier's money, not the opposite; production that you have so much warehouse, I More production points on your fairly over there ... And the warehouse management itself, because the warehouse is relatively large, but also lazy to do what advanced come out, early late, so it!

Conversely, if the actual area of the warehouse is small? At least the exposure of the problem can be objectively exposed. It seems an inhumane way to put raw materials that we can not lay in the warehouse directly on the desks of purchasers and planners, but it's actually very effective - and buyers are no longer afraid to feed them in the future It!