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Thiland Pallet Racking & Storage Systems Distributors

Oct 27, 2017

Lhzb Warehouse shelving including Pallet Rack, Carton Flow Rack, Pallet racks work platform system that allows product to flow through a distribution center.

Selling direct from the distributor warehouse shelves with low prices, warranty and reliable - Center of Distributor.

Warehouse Shelving Functions

Sell Shelving Warehouse and various types of warehouse shelf quality at a low price just in lhzbrack.com. Warehouse shelving is one type of shelving required by companies use to store items such as material production until the results of the product to be sold to customers.

If you're looking for a wide range of cheap and quality Warehouse Rack, lhzbrack.com the right place for you who are looking for a wide range of quality Warehouse Shelving best results. Distributors and suppliers who have been joined in lhzbrack.com the no.1 trusted company in Indonesia. Get immediate fastest and best deals only in lhzbrack.com by sending a request to buy you now.The terminology of the storage shelves industry

Logistics: generalized: the flow of objects. An infrastructure that provides services for the movement, storage, packaging, transportation, storage, and sorting of objects. 2, a container, a tray can be moved with the object, can also be moved independently of a load, can be placed a variety of different quantities and weight, type of goods of a device.

Shelf: A facility for storing goods and carrying a carrier.

4. Location size: generally defined as long * wide * high. Access to goods is the minimum size of the use of space.

5. Unit size: refers to the geometry of each unit size. (Length * width * height) (goods + tray maximum size)

6. Unit (Block, Column): The sum of the longitudinal directions of a location.

7. Columns: the final carrier after storage of the goods. (Column + horizontal bracing)

8. Three columns: equivalent to the role of the two columns, increase the depth of the shelf size (column + connected with a single column)

9. Shelf: the carrier of the goods. (Steel plate, wood board, particleboard)

10. beams: P beam, P hold the beam, the moment beam, hold the welding beam.

11. Column card: beam and column of the connection, and beam welding.

12. Backlit: An attachment that enhances the longitudinal force of a column. (Angle steel, C beam, round steel)

13. Top pull: Connect an attachment between the columns to increase stability.

14. Corner, guide: protect the shelf and guide the role.